Thursday, January 20, 2011

Plants for decorating your house(Ideas)

Choosing just a few houseplants for your home is almost certainly out of the question for gardeners. But choosing wisely and with a certain intention in mind will guarantee that your houseplants will look stylish and not chaotic.
Decorative plant stands are a good choice to keep clutter at a minimum if you can find one that fits your room’s style. If you must put multiple plants on a stand, try to keep the pots the same or color coordinated. As a general rule, you want the plant, not the stand, to be the focal point. More on what to do with the plants you just aren’t going to part with a little later
. Large, well established plants can create a wonderful, warm focal point for a room. For this rule you can have fun; a bonsai specimen can be just as much of a conversation piece as a large parlor palm. On the other hand, don’t make your vast collection of African violets, though impressive, the focal point of your living room.

. Not only can you have fun with the color of the pot you use, but there are a multitude of leaf color and textures to brighten up or add contrast. Think Ming Aralia, Croton, Zebra Plant, or Philodendron “Black Cardinal.” Try to use color and textures to branch out your thinking about what a houseplant “has” to be.

Another good way to bring texture into a room is to use dried botanical material. Curly willow and dried grasses are an excellent way to add interest to a dull corner or add a modern touch to your decor.
. Whether you have a hanging basket in the corner of the room or a free standing pot, plants can provide the height needed to satisfy this rule. Just to name a few, Red-margined Dracaena, Shefflera, and Hawaiian Ti Plant are some perfect plants to add height. Make sure that when you use a tall plant, the pot is well-balance (read: big enough) to the size of the plant and the space.


  1. These are great tips! I need help in this area for sure...

  2. I love to have plants around the house (can't understand why we don't see more of them in shelter magazines)... but I confess, I find it hard to ditch them once they get past their prime.