Monday, December 13, 2010

Clutter free life(kitchen)

How to find more room for everything?..Kitchen which is very small with only few cabinets and minimal counter space,leaves you with no room to prepare meals,so to find a place for everything and keep your counter area clear.The solution is, first only items you use everyday belong on your counter top.This might be a toaster or a coffee pot.thats it.Anything else should find a home on shelf,and the things you use only once or twice a year should  be stored elsewhere.Second consider a wall- mounted shelf above the counter where you can store coffee pot or tea pot and toaster.Third,make sure your maximizing the cabinets you do have by adjusting shelves so there's no dead space between items.If you don have shelves adjusted,then buy under shelf-baskets to double your storage space.Then consider buying a narrow rack with shelves that can be hooked over a door to hold cans and spices.
 Finally,it might be time to really clean out your cupboards.If you  have lots  and lots of  dishes,glassware and pots and pans you own and don't really use all of them get rid of them.Transfer dry goods,like flour and sugar to smaller containers.I hope this will help you to get organized in your kitchen  in general and especially with small kitchen.