Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Clutter free life (unclutter your bathroom)

Hi Readers..this is me again with the new idea about getting your bathroom uncluttered and get a peace of mind.Bathrooms are always a magnet for clutter.The vast Quantities of jars and stashes of toilet papers and gadgets like hair driers typically over-whelm the space.What you need is a place for every thing.Collect a few cartons or sturdy shopping bags; empty every shelf and drawer,storing the contents in to categories such as toiletries,medicines and supplies.
Second,inventory every bag or carton and check for any duplications.Examine labels on over-the-counter and prescriptions drugs.Third,dispose of all the items more than a year old,and anything approaching or past its expiration date.Fourth,clean inside all shelves and drawers.If yours are painted-wood cabinets,this might be the time to repaint them.Fifth,estimate the storage you 'll need;decide if you should buy drawer dividers or shelf  expanders at a home center.Smart solutions are..
1 Basket case
 Fresh towels are easy to find and ready to grab when stored in basket.rolled up tightly and tucked under the sink or where they are to be used.And if you have drawers in the adjacent cabinet can hold beauty supplies and shaving gear.
2 Open shelves
You can also install open shelves(open storage squares)can hold whatever deserves being put on display:folded towels,of course as well as family  pictures and decorative objects.this will keep you well organized.I hope this information will help you in keeping your bathroom organized and decorated at the same time.

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