Friday, January 14, 2011

Decorating ideas..the mosth affordable.

I love the looks i see in home decor stores and i think everyone does,so it keeps me wondering how they do it and what are the things needed to make that pretty wall art,now that i have found out i want to share this  with my readers,so they can also get that look in their own homes,yes this  sophisticated home accents without spending a lot of time and money.The secret?Versatile and inexpensive Styrofoam brand foam is the creative canvas behind the beautiful decor.
1.Transform 1 sheets of Styrofoam brand  foam in to dramatic wall art with paper fabric,or even wallpaper. Shapes of styrofoam brand foam, including balls,cones and cubes,need just few finishing touches to create accent pieces that pull the look togather. whatever your sense of style, from sleek and chic to cozy and country,you mix and match your choice  of papers,fabrics, colors and themes to create your own personalized look without hiring an expensive decorator.To create these striking wall art panels,cover three,12'x36"x1 sheets of Styrofoam brand foam with wallpaper.A thick white craft glue,spread on the reverse side of the wall paper,holds it in place.Add ribbons around the edges to finish the art.Create additional panels for more drama,or try hanging them horizontally instead of vertically.Depending on the length and pattern,one roll of wall paper can make  up to ten wall art can sell or gift them too.


  1. I like these! Dramatic and cost-effective, without the commitment of wallpaper.