Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Clutter free life(How to clear up the paper piles?)

Paper clutter isn't an organizing problem;it is a time-management problem.Why?Because most papers represents a task: something to read,digest,or make a decision about.So the solution is to build time into your schedule to process,respond to,and file the papers that come into your home,whether via mail or in your child's back pack.These  are your home office hours,and you can break them up how you want.Maybe it's 15 minutes each day or two hours on weekend,but you do need to deal with the influx on a regular basis so it doesn't build up.To make the process easier,designate a home information center where you have room to write and spread out papers.And- this is the key-make this the spot where you actually open the mail!Get two trays--one for incoming mail and one for outgoing papers that need action,such as bills to be paid and field-trip forms to be signed--and one portable file box.Create hanging folders for category(for example,your son might have folders for camp info,martial arts class,etc)then go through these folders every season,tossing outdated material.I hope this information help you.


  1. Good organizing techniques!!! Helpful if followed regularly lol....but most ppl procrastinate

  2. Agreed: so much easier, if you stay on top of the never-ending paper stream!